Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, August 04, 2008

Too much is never enough.

This is how they sleep. On a twin bed. With both of the other 2 brothers in the room, I might add. It's called smother-love.

Fruit and candy. Then, candy and fruit. With an iced green tea chaser. That seems to be all I eat these days. Yes, I am feeding the kids better than myself. They just get fruit and more fruit, then a bit of cheese to wash it down. Could that be why I am changing Stryder's nappy 47 x/day? Hmmm....

I think Doll baby is teething. She doesn't have any yet, so I hope she is. That would explain her waking every 2 hours for the last 3 nights and crying her sweet little eyes out....along with pursing her lips together to spray all over me every bit of (mashed fruit) food I try to feed her. It's ok. That girl can do no wrong. If she doesn't want fruit, I'll just give her some candy.
It's Monday. Back to routine. I do love myself a Monday.

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