Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Another day, Another cause, Another dollar

etc, etc, etc. blah, blah, blah.
It's easy to disconnect.
One cause or another constantly vying for our attention, our resources, our energy.
Someone always hitting us up. For something....
Get involved! Go here! Spend there! Buy this! Promote! It doesn't take much!
So many worthy causes.....

But our cash is tight too, right? We have homes and vehicles to finance, children to feed and clothe, gifts to buy, unexpected expenses that crop up, adoptions to fund, times can be very tough. Even for you and I, United States citizens, the wealthy.

World AIDS Day was yesterday.

I'm giving $5 for 5 days here.
Because AIDS has touched my life.

What they say is true. It really can make a difference. Put several $5 gifts together and ask the orphaned child in Ethiopia, the one affected by AIDS every single day, the one who lost his parents yet gets to remain in his homeland, living among his people, in his country, and be fed, receive an education, gain the priceless opportunity to thrive and prosper. He only hopes for the simple things we take for granted. Maybe he would tell you your click on yet another yellow paypal button, for a measly 5 bucks meant the world to him.

He would probably thank you, sincerely, for your generosity, for caring for someone you do not know, clear across the world.

If you could only his face, hear his voice, see his hope, you may feel that you were, in fact, deeply, wonderfully, magnificently connected.

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