Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Friday, November 12, 2010

My friend Sandy is having a (very exciting milestone!) birthday. In honor of the (very exciting milestone!) occassion, she decided to run a half marathon (to prove to herself that she was indeed still quite young and fit...which she is - both young AND fit!) and invite her friends to join her. Months ago, when the invitation was given, I happily because I don't actually love running all that much politely declined, just certain that by mid November I would (delightfully!) be with child. However, I did offer to join them for the after hours festivities which includes an overnight stay at a hotel in Denver at the finish line to congratulate the (young AND fit) runners. (It was the least I could do.)
Being that there is no blessed bun in the oven, and they are all participating in the race, and I am riding with them to Denver and would have to wait for them to finish, (which wouldn't take long, I'm sure - they are young AND fit after all.) I decided I would join in the drudgery great, great fun and do the race as well. Unfortunately for her, (but fortunately for me) Sandy has suffered a knee injury and now will likely have to walk most of it. I'm sure I can walk that far for goodness sakes.

The weather forcast is the only thing, (well, aside from the whole 13 miles bit) that has me nervous. The Cold Weather Fanclub does not have me on its roster. If you think of me tomorrow, please do it with warm thoughts. Thank you kindly.☺

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Courtney said...

WOW!!!! have fun!

Sandy said...

It's going to be fun whether we finish or not... and just think of the hot tubs that we'll be soaking in later that afternoon. I really hope the hotel has a hot tub!

Holly said...

yeah!!! It will be fun!!!!!

Jodie said...

warm thoughts ... warm thoughts ... warm thoughts

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