Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Super interesting discussion

Going on here. It started here.

It is a topic I find really fascinating. The older I get and the more married, separated, divorced, people I know, the less black and white it seems to become. 

I really like his blog and the way he respectfully addresses complicated issues and (usually tactfully - haha! Just kidding Mr. Harrison) deals with any and all disagreement. He has some very wise and well versed readers who leave thoughtful comments as well.

I've been learning a lot there. It's worth a look!

Of course, as always, I am very interested in hearing your thoughts on the subject!


JamesBrett said...

thanks for all the kind words, tisha. and the links.

i'm sorry none of your readers seem to want to discuss the exciting world of marriage between believers and non-believers.

my post has probably put them to sleep...

Tisha said...

You're welcome. My pleasure.

I know! My friends are not too talkative lately. Doesn't EVERYONE find this stuff MOST intriguing!?
I don't get it....:)

That's ok. It takes a lot of time and energy to think through and formulate responses. As a busy mom with children who always want my attention, I really understand that.
Maybe they will get something out of the discussion just through reading and considering. It's food for thought!

Chris Noelle said...

okay, I'll bite....

First of all, you're welcome. Glad I introduced you two critical thinkers.

~We both (hunk and I ) love God.

We want to do what God says.(intentionally)

Mi casa es su casa is our motto.
(there is no ''mine'' only ''ours")

I make babies, take care of them at home, he makes the bacon at work.

Yup, that's how we roll....lovingly submitting to each other and Christ.
It's worked for 16 years!

{sorry, it's too late to go deep}

JamesBrett said...

chrissy p, i love bacon.

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