Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Thursday, March 31, 2011

10 things: He and I

Brianna did this on her blog today, and I liked it so I'm doing it too.

Here are 10 facts (we'll go ahead and loosely call them that) about The Mr. and myself.

1) We can, and do, make anything and everything possible into a game of some sort. From me having him guess the dollar figure I spent on items I have just purchased at the store, to trying to decipher the scents of various candles in the house with closed eyes, to taste tests to see if Blue Bell really IS the best ice cream on earth, to speaking in acronyms and having the other person figure them out, to just about anything else under the sun, if we can turn it into a game, we do. This is especially fun for me when I am privy to information unbeknownst to him and he gets to guess what it is. I'm giddy just thinking about that last scenario. It's not a power play on my part at all. Really. Not at all.

2) When we met in 1995 at Gart Sports, I was dating someone else. Can you say s c a n d a l o u s?

3) He is not overly forward in social settings in general, but was in fact, uncharacteristically assertive in pursuing his bride-to-be. {Be still my heart}

4) Although if you had to categorize us he would probably be more of a spender and me more of a saver, we rarely ever, ever, ever disagree about how money should be spent.

5) We rarely ever, ever disagree about decisions concerning the children.

6) I am more liberal theologically and politically than he is. I *favorably* call myself a *mild* moderate and him a conservative extremist. (He happens to love that.) (Although it is not really true. He's not actually all that extreme.)

7) Raised Roman Catholic, he wanted nothing to do with religion when we first began getting to know eachother. This prompted a genuine ultimatum because there was no way I would date him if he would not attend (my crazy Christian cult) services with me (which he did, for many years.) That makes me laugh now. Right idea, wrong approach I'd say.

8) We like to watch t.v. series from Netflix after the kids have gone to bed. Our current one is Lie To Me. (Does anyone have any suggestions for what should be next? We wondered if Prison Break is good? Lost is too scary!)

9) We are both only somewhat social. Neither of us is hugely extroverted with an overwhelming desire to hang out with people all the time, although neither of us is at all shy either. We just don't enjoy crowds or feel the urge to socialize all the time. Sometimes, it is nice. Especially with really good friends. But we can easily go for months without having any get-togethers as a couple or with other families. (I do see my girlfriends much more regularly (hello - therapy!) while he stays with the wee ones and he has his buddies at work.)

10) He is completely, utterly, absolutely unreserved and he never, ever, gets embarrassed. Even when I ask him at an upward basketball game to start asking (shouting out to) the crowd to "give me an L, give me an I, give me a G.....what does that spell? LIGHTNING!!" and everyone gives him a blank stare which totally cracks me up, he'll do it. For the most part, he what people think of him.This one of my favorite things about him. He is really, really fun and makes me laugh nearly every single day.


Cassie said...

So so fun! Loved that!

Tara said...

Love this. And for the record, Blue Bell IS absolutely the best. ice. cream. ever. :)

Sandy said...

What is your take on Blue Bell? I've been wondering what all the craze is about myself. Should I buy a 1/2 gallon? :)

Brandon said...

It was fun reading this. My good friend Bob has changed but is still the same. Tell him hello for me. I'm glad you guys are so happy.

Holly said...

so super cute!!!


The John Adams series is awesome (you have to get it in the mail)
AND The Office (you may have already done that!?)
AND Downton Abbey was AWESOME (it looks Masterpiece Theaterish...and it is, but even if you're not into those, it rocks) more
the BBC's North and South (not the well known novel, a different one).

um...we like to do that too ;-)

I've heard many a great things about 24.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Just popped over from Lisa's blog and look forward to reading more about your beautiful family.

mama of 12: ages 9, 9, 11, 12, 14, 17, 20, 22, 22, 24, 25, 26

Alyssa said...

I loved Lie to Me and was at such a loss when there were no more episodes to watch, too. One of my favorite shows is Bones and In Plain Sight kept me thoroughly entertained for a few seasons. I'm attracted to the dry sarcastic humor that these shows (and shows like House) bring to the table. :)

stephanie said...

We do the whole netflix thing too! We loved Lie to Me! 24 was good for the first season. Kinda got old when we started teh 2nd season. In Plain Sight was great! Bones is a favorite of ours also. We love Castle (don't know if you can get it on netflix or not, but it is great!) I was thinking about Prison Break too....let me know if you like it! Haven't tried it yet! Enjoyed this post! Fun to get to know your hubby a little more! You sound a lot like the same person I hung out when we were kids...only you were very social(I think we spent every weekend together!)

EM said...

I think, if you thought Lost was to scary, you probably wouldn't like Prison Break. My parents were totally addicted to 24, but I never really got into it. Our latest guilty pleasure is Justified, some funny Southern humour and interesting thematic twists and turns, but not really a mother approved show. We also watch Fringe, but again, if Lost was too scary you might want to stay away. It can be a bit gorey.

Thanks for stopping by the other day and commenting. I've been MIA for a bit, I think I'm still getting my feet under me since Kayla arrived. Not sure how you do it, but I'm glad you do and I'm glad you let me read about it.

Linnet said...

Lie to Me is also my neflix fav. find! SO GOOD! I thought season 1was great-how they explained everything as they went.
So upset to find out they cancelled it this month! There's some youtube footage/interviews on the real dr. that was fascinating to watch.

Went on to watch Bones, but it's not nearly as good in my opinion, (after awhile it can seem like watching the same show over with small changes) but there's I think four or five? seasons on netflix and then the last few episodes from this season are online, so they can be watched in order. I look away during the "body" scenes, and don't recommend getting a snack until at least 15 minutes into it...the beginning scene usually being the worst.

Another one I found somewhat amusing (enough to watch all of them) was a sci fi show called Dollhouse.

Also, Holly mentioned Downton Abbey. And I heard that Keeping Up Appearances is on English comedy.
The Good Wife is a fav show, but don't think it's on netflix.

Linnet said...

it is! Keeping Up Appearances IS on netflix. It's halarious!

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