Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Friday, April 08, 2011

Not much of a blogger lately....

I've been awfully busy. Apparently, too busy to blog. Which means, that the onslaught of useless information that has popped into my mind on any given day this week has had no choice but to remain right there, crowding up my brain cells. What have I been so incredibly busy doing, you ask? Very important tasks I tell you! Such as.....

um...huh....hmmm....Give me a minute to think. Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum.....{scratching my head} {looking aimlessly into the sky} {tapping my chin with my pointer finger, while my face is tilted ever-so-slightly to the side with squinting eyes} {making clicking sounds on the roof of my mouth with my tongue} Well, ahem, I suppose my tasks were not exactly all that important.

But, there was the devouring The Hunger Games, which kept me awake all.night.long. worrying about Katniss. Then, immediately following that was the wretched waiting for Catching Fire to come in the mail (Hello Kindle? I need you! Santa, are you listening?) so I could find out just how dastardly and wickedly corrupt The Capitol truly is....which lead to more late nights of course.....

And, my balder half was out of town so I held down the fort solo-style, which is a sizable job of itself, wouldn't you say?

Then, there was the walking walking walking walking I have done outside in this warm(ish) but terribly blustery weather to keep my *bigger* jeans fitting properly. I figure the effort of trying not to blow away is a bonafide workout in and of itself, worthy of being rewarded with plenty of homemade brownies.

We finished up Little Town on the Prairie - our 5th consecutive Little House book this year. And we are now in season 7 of the t.v. shows. I'm *officially* naming this Our Little House Year in our *official* home school. Which is funny, because I love them so much that once we finish, we will start over at the beginning making next year Our Little House Year as well. (Oh, just kidding. Sadly, I am only joking. I know, they must be taught something else. We'll alternate Little House years....☺)

Stryder, Flint and I went on a date to Walmart to spend their allowance money, which was super interesting for me considering they have absolutely zero concept of what their dollars ($14 for Stryder $21 for Flint) can purchase, leading them to believe they could/should have the opportunity to select any/every thing their hearts' desired from the aisles. We made it out with one toy a each and *most of* my sanity.

Oh, and there was our wedding. Bobby and I were married for the 147th time per our daughter's request. They are quite the wedding planners making (gorgeous, pipecleaner) rings, tissue paper flowers and a lego cake for the occasion. It was a fine affair full of dancing, kissing, bouquet tossing, elegance, music and romance. (Or it would have been, if not for the male children who simply do not appreciate such fanciness.)

Then, there was the (((loud))) practice of the newest boy band to grace the home stage.
And, eating a mountain of a meal over at the grandparents house to visit with out of town family.
And finally, the self-portrait-paper-plate-designing-because-that's-as-crafty-as-I-get.
I made one too.
Can you tell who is who?
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Amy© said...

Congratulations on your wedding! The ring is beautiful, and I am sure the ceremony was as well! :D

Courtney said...

i've missed you!
going solo is enough of a reason not to blog! whew!

LOVED hunger games!!! i have mockingjay if you need it...i'd be glad to let you borrow it! (it's the only one i own of them) i heard they are making a movie!

Holly said...

to THE coolest club.
The "I lost a few weeks of sleep over Hunger Games" Club ;-).

They ARE making a movie!!!

here ya go:

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