Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

$ $ $

Though I do enjoy wearing fragrance and smelling nice, I can't bear regular perfume. It's too strong {for my delicate system. Ha!} and gives me an instant headache. While fragrance oils are preferable, undiluted they can be awfully potent as well. But never fear, my friends. I have found a solution that I'm going to share with you:
Are you ready?

It is filling bottles full of water and dropping in oils to whatever strength I desire. Let me tell you, I use these for EVERYthing. Depending on the scent you choose, (like clean cotton! Ahhhhh!) they make wonderful room/sheets/upholstery fresheners as well as body spray. Not taking a shower in the morning? No worries! Spritz a little on your hair and wala! Your locks will look and smell fresh and clean and wonderful. This costs pennies, people. Pennies! (I buy the bottles and oils on amazon.) If I use 20 drops or so per bottle it leaves loads for the next time...and the next...and the next...{If you are a purist, essential oils work fabulously also.}

Speaking of saving money, I received a question regarding tips for frugal living. {Be still. My heart.} Is there a subject I relish more? Perhaps not. Reducing expenses fills me with all kinds of downright giddy bliss.

In case you are interested, here are some of the ideas I could come up with:

[Clear Throat]

Tips for frugal living, by Tisha Deutsch

1) Being a homebody really helps. People, crowds, socializing, large quantities of external stimuli -- all of that makes me really tired. I can only take each of those things in small doses. So I stay home. And walk my dogs for entertainment. In the country. Where I see practically no one. And save money.

Aaaaaand....there you have it! Enough said. :)

But just in case you're looking for more...

2) Any mom knows, snacks for the brood can get rather pricey. We don't eat a lot of traditional snack foods because they cost too much! What I do like to have on hand for the ravenous little vultures who like to graze all the livelong day are things like small baked potatoes (I'll bake lots at once and keep them in the fridge) hard boiled eggs, homemade meatballs, homemade granola bars, from scratch pancakes and waffles (I make extra in the morning and let them eat them dry, like cookies when they are hungry throughout the day), string cheese and for a splurge, fig bars (Have you seen them? They are non GMO, and come in a variety of flavors at Costco and WalMart. Coming in at $.20/oz they're not a bank breaker.) and any kind of left over from the night before. (Waste NOTHING is our motto. Nothing.)

3) Another way we are able to significantly lower the grocery bill is to drastically reduce meat consumption. (Not great for you Paleo, enthusiasts, I know! Sorry!) There are TONS of meatless alternatives we opt for and ENJOY in place of meat. Maybe one day I will do a "what's for dinner" theme, if anyone cares to know. I, for one, LOVE a peek at people's dinner tables!

4) The only kind of cleaning products I can think of that I buy are dish soap and dish washer detergent. Otherwise we use vinegar and water for glass, baking soda for scouring bathrooms, and other cheap and affordable concoctions for multi purpose spray cleaner. This saves loads of cash for people like us, with really dirty houses due to heavy use who are forced to clean {something} every waking hour.

5) We don't eat out much. At all. It just costs waaaaaaay too much for 9 people. But we do like to head out on family dates and have treats. An easy and cheap alternative to a whole meal out is ice cream. There are lots of places (local businesses are our favorite!) that have ice cream cones for around $1 a piece.

6) It's fun to swim/shower/play/exercise at the Y M C A! Is there a more cost effective option for family friendly regular swimming than the Y? No. It can take up a whole afternoon or evening, tire out the crew, and provide great family fun and bonding time. We go at least once a week. Then, like the thrifty little mongrels we are, we shower at the Y too.

7) Few things give me greater thrill than allowing the {free} air to dry our massive mounds of laundry. I line dry outside whenever weather permits, and inside on racks near the wood stove when it's cold. (Do you even KNOW how many HOURS of excessively consumptive, energy sucking dryer time I have saved our family and The Planet Earth? Let me tell you. A Lot. A great big Lot.) It may not be the most decorative affair to look upon clothes hanging in your house, but all good economists know, saving money comes with a price.

8) I try to never pay for what I can do myself. That's why I am personal stylist/groomer to our boys, girls, and dogs.

9) We would be lost without the generosity of hand me down clothing. If you donate to our clothing allowance through items you are finished wearing, we are truly grateful. We will sport them. With pride.

10) I think the Deutsch family are pretty festive folks. We live lives full of celebration, most often at home, so when we go out it is a real and savored treat. Watching movies, playing games, reading books, making a contest out of just about anything you can imagine, building things, finding innovative methods to meet needs, eating meals, reading books -- they can all be done in deeply satisfying, heart filling ways that don't have to cost much, if anything at all.

**Thrift store shop, repurpose, reuse, resource, recycle, do without, find joy in things that are free - like nature, remember material satisfaction is fleeting, buy less.**

I hope at least one of these is a help to someone. :)
I would love to hear your tips, if you have any to share!


Emily said...

love your number 1!!!!!! i hate crowds, stores, people, :)

Erika Stanley said...

I can't seem to be frugal with food. 1) my state has the highest food costs in the country (or something like that) 2) I love meat, like, really love it 3) I love cheese - the kind you get at the cheese counter with fancy names 4) I love going out to eat. I'd wear rags before quitting restaurants- I was a waitress for years and years, I love being in restaurants!
I do appreciate the other money saving tips though. I want to spritz my hair with that magic potion that will make it look and smell nice! Showering just takes up so much time!!

Holly said...

ALL great advice but I mostly love it that you cleared your throat first ;-)

Anonymous said...

I would die if I could not hear from you for a whole week!!!!! Sooooo glad I won't have to.

Courtney Cassada said...

i love how you live your life!

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